Estimates based on Salesranks

With the aid of complex algorithms and large data sets Sellics is able to predit with fairly high precision which salesranks result from how many sales in the respective main product category.

The estimates therefore always relate to the product's current salesrank. These are updated on a hourly basis by Amazon.

Suited for Overall Estimation of Niches - Not for Single Products

The Niche Analyzer offers a good opportunity to estimate the sales potential of a complete niche (please view the avarage estimated sales of all analyzed products at the top left of the Niche Analyzer).

As salesranks of single products can fluctuate strongly though, especially in higher (worse) ranking regions, product related estimates should be considered with more caution.

The avarage total sales will relativize these fluctuations.

Recommendation for Further Analysis:


The Sellics "Spy" function offers the possibility to easily track the inventory levels of products and thus deliver relatively exact information of their daily sales - independant of fluctuating salesranks.


Furthermore it is recommended to check camelcamelcamel to check on any seasonal fluctations. CCC is an Affiliate Partner of Amazon and receives all historical salesranks of all products. A quick & free registration is required to see this data.

Within the Niche Analyzer you can find a link to each product's CCC page:

Example of Salesrank Tracking by camelcamelcamel:

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