Manual Adgroups

Low ACoS: if ACoS < Target ACoS after 1 Order --> increase bid by 30% (max: 1.25)

High ACoS:  if ACoS > Target ACoS after 1X clicks --> decrease bid by 30%

0 Sales: if orders = 0 after 1,5X clicks --> pause Keyword

A more agressive strategy could additionally include the following rule, which may be quite costly though as it will usually increase the bids of several long-tail keywords:

Low Impressions:  if impressions < 300 after 7 days --> increase bid by 20%

Automatic Adgroups

0 Sales: If 0 sales after 20 clicks --> negative searchterm (exact)

Low ACoS: If ACoS < Target ACoS after 150 clicks  > increase Adgroup Bid by 20%

High ACoS If ACoS > Target ACoS after 150 clicks > decrease Adgroup Bid by 20%

Defensive vs Aggressive Rule-Sets

Depending on your strategy, you may want to be less or more aggressive - for instance to help push the keyword rankings of new products.

A more defensive strategy could mean decreasing bids by a higher % (eg. 30), while a more offensive strategy could mean the same for increasing bids.

This article (click here) explains how to determine the Target ACOS.

This article (click here) explains what 1X/1,5X means, ie. how many clicks you should wait.

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