VAT Share of Gross Sales

This section only shows the paid VAT as a share of the gross sales. 

In the UK, for example, the vat is only 20% when calculated from the net price.


Net Price = 100€
VAT (Germany) = 19%
Gross Price = 100€ * 1,19 = 119€
VAT that has to be paid = 19€

If there are no other reductions, eg. through promotions, the gross sales will be 119€ in total.

--> the VAT share of Gross Sales = 19€ / 119€ = 16%

Further % Reduction from B2B Sales

For sellers that also sell their products through Amazon Business, those orders (without VAT) will further reduce the percentage of VAT from your gross sales.

Option to Change the Tax Rate in Cost Manager

If required, the tax rate can be changed in the Profit Cost Manager, by opening a parent on the left side and enter the tax rate:

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