The Spy is a Sellics feature that provides you with insights on the sales volume of your competition. Here is how it works:

Every day, the Spy will try to order the maximum number of products from your competition. Let’s say on Day 1, the Spy can order 300 units. Then, on Day 2, the Spy can order 278 units. It then interprets the daily reductions, in this case, 22 units, as sales. 

Your Spy feature can track up to 100 products. Your interface looks like this: 

On the top right-hand side, you can add and delete products you want to spy on. Simply enter the product ASIN and ‘add’. 

Our tool will then attempt to add the maximum number of units to cart and record the daily changes. 

At the end of each row, you can turn the product tracking on/off by clicking the green slider.

You can find specific details for each tracked product by clicking on the magnifying glasses at the end of each row.

The orange bars show the recorded inventory and the red bars show sales. 

Read our article here to learn more about the accuracy of the sales figures and what went wrong if the tool doesn’t show any results.

Now that you have some insight information into your competition, it is time to take action and overtake them. Your best bet to get ahead? Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Note: Reading lots of text isn’t your thing? Watch our Spy Tool Tutorial:

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