Profit > Cost Manager

In the Profit dashboard, head to the Cost Manager tab at the top.

Open Parents on the left and enter COGS for each Child ASIN:

Enter Net Costs  (for EU Marketplaces)

Unit costs should be entered with net prices (= excl. VAT). The VAT amount, which the seller is due at the end of the year, is calculated based on the selling price, not the purchasing price.

If you are paying your supplier a gross amount ( = net amount + VAT), you are able to claim that tax back at the end of the year.

Costs in same Currency as Revenue

The costs need to be entered with the same currency as the respective marketplace's revenue - eg. pounds in the UK marketplace.

Enter Costs for each Marketplace

It is currently not possible to add costs to multiple marketplaces at the same time, but this is being worked on!

Upload not yet possible

It is currently not possible to upload your costs, but this is also being worked on!

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