What's included? Pretty much everything!

Basically all fees related to selling on Amazon, as well as using Amazon's FBA service, are included, as detailed within the top right calculator:

What's not included? Lightning Deal Fees

The only fees that are so far not included are the lightning deal fees. The actual price reduction is included within the Promotion costs though.

List of Fees & Costs

  • Taxes

    The revenue for European Seller Centrals includes the VAT, and it is then also deducted on the cost side.

    Note: the % number in the graph does not reflect the tax rate, but the share of the gross revenue.

  • COGS and (inbound) shipping costs

    Your product and shipping costs (from manufacturer to Amazon or your warehouse) can be entered in the "My Costs" tab of the soon to be old Profit 01 dashboard.

  • Amazon Referral Fees

    All kind of order related referral fees deducted by Amazon.

    This mainly includes the default commission of 15% of the retail price, but may also include a commission for the shipping payment (when doing FBM) or gift-wrap service payments, as explained further here.

  • FBA Shipping Fees

    Order based shipping fees when using Amazon's fulfilment service.

  • Promotion Costs

    Includes all kinds of price reductions, as detailed here. Again, except the fees for Lightning Deals.

  • Returns / Refunds

    Included automatically within the displayed revenue, as explained further here.

  • PPC Costs

    Sponsored Products

    SP ad spend is included automatically after connecting to the Advertising API, down to each single product.

    Sponsored Brands (Marketplace Level only)

    SB costs are also included via the Advertising API, but is only available on marketplace level (ie. in the top two graphs) and not on product level.

    The advertising API only provides 2 months of historical PPC data after the integration, though this is will build up if your account remains active.

Please note: Sellics only receives 60 days of historical PPC data, unlike the almost unlimited history for the other Profit metrics.

  • FBA Storage Costs (Market Level only)

    Storage costs occur on market level only, as defined by Amaon, ie. these costs can only be seen when selecting either Europe (including India) as a whole, or North America (US, CA + MX).

  • FBA Service Fees (Market Level only)

    Other fixed fees related to using FBA, such as Labeling Fees. Not related to individual orders.

    Also, reimbursements by Amazon (for damaged items) are currently included as "positive" costs in the service fees category.

  • Miscellaneous Costs (mainly Pro Account Fee, on Market Level only)

    At this time these costs basically only include the monthly fee for a Professional Seller Account, eg. $39.99 in the US.

    Other fees that can occur in various special cases will also be included in this category.
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