What was available before?

In our previous "legacy" Profit (1) version, the profit calculation was rather simple and included:

  • Amazon Referral Fees
  • Amazon FBA Fees
  • Cost of Goods (not editable for different time-frames)
  • (Inbound) Shipping Costs (not editable for different time-frames)
  • VAT (EU marketplaces)

Additionally, Profit 1.0 offered only 30 days of historical orders data after the integration.

What has changed?

Profit 2.0 is our upgraded profit dashboard that gives you more insight into your Amazon business than ever before! To better understand your profit, margins, and expenditure we have now additionally included the following:

  • Nearly all Amazon fees, including Storage Fees, which you can see in detail here
  • Returns (automatically substracted from revenue)
  • All of your historical sales data going all the way back to January 2016
  • Aggregated data on an EU & North America level, which are also the new default view
  • Aggregated data for Parents
  • Cost periods to keep track of changing unit costs over time
  • Exports
  • Additional reporting metrics in customizable columns, such as ROI, Refund Rate, Break-Even ACoS, PPC Revenue Share, and many more!

To see all the ins and outs of the profit feature, check out our comprehensive help articles or join our webinars.

What is still coming?

  • Cost Upload - this has become a bit more complex due to enabling changing costs over time. Currently you can only manually edit them, but a bulk upload feature should become available within November.
  • Various UX improvements

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