"Add to Cart" Box for Quick & Easy Purchases

The Buybox is the "Add to Cart" section which makes it very easy for customers to buy products. Only one seller can own the Buybox of the same ASIN at any given time.

If a product is sold by multiple sellers, approximately 90% of all sales will usually go to the seller within the Buybox.

Low Relevance for Private Label Sellers

Private Label Sellers usually do not have to worry about competing for the Buybox, although they, too, have to occasionally deal with hijackers.

Sellers can only obtain a buybox after being listed on Amazon for at least 3 months.

Buybox Example

The field on the right side is the Buybox. On the bottom left it will usually mention other sellers.

In this blog article (click here) we explain further what is important to know about the Buybox.

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