North America + Europe + India

Sellics is currently suited for the following Amazon marketplaces:

Usa, Canada, Mexico, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, France & India

Simply switch to the respective country's flag at the top right of your tool to choose another marketplace:

For our free keyword research tool Sonar, the marketplaces currently available are US and all of Europe.

Exception: Product Research features only available for US & Germany

The Product Detector is currently only available in the US & Germany.

The Niche Analyzer works for all markets mentioned above, but only the US & Germany offer sales estimates.

Integrating the other marketplaces into these 2 features is planned for next year. Sellics customers will be notified about this automatically.

Further Markets Planned but without ETA: Australia, Brasil, UAE, Japan & China

Sellics customers will automatically be notified if these markets become available.

If you're not a Sellics user yet, feel free to contact us via the chat on our homepage or at, so that we can place you on a notification list.

Alternatively, sign up to our Newsletter!

Pricing independent of Marketplaces

All marketplaces are always included. Per Sellics account you can integrate each of them once.

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