Independent of Calendar Months

The account will be charged right after the upgrade. It will then run at least until the same day of the next month and will be renewed automatically unless the plan is canceled in the account management.


The Challenger Plan is activated on 27.01.2017. The payment takes place immediately.

The plan will be active immediately and will run at least until February 26. Unless the plan is canceled before, the plan will automatically be renewed on 27.02.2017 for another month.

Multiple Month Plans - Payment Upfront

If a 6 or 12 month plan is selected, the account will be charged the full amount upfront und will run at least 6 / 12 months. After that period, Sellics will again check your yearly revenue before the next cycle starts.

This means that increases in revenue during a (already paid) cycle will have no effect on the pricing during that cycle, so you are "protected" from a price increase until the start of the next cycle.

Upgrades during Active Subscriptions: Charge at the End of Current Cycle

If you are already within a monthly or 6-month plan, and then upgrade to 6-month or 12-month plan, the charge will only happen at the end of your current cycle.


If you initially upgraded to a monthly plan on March 15 and then decide to upgrade to an annual plan, the charge for the annual plan will only happen on April 15.

Downgrades during Active Subscriptions

If you are within a multiple month plan and would like to downgrade to a shorter cycle plan, you would need to cancel first. After the plan runs out, you can again upgrade to a monthly plan in your account management.

Upgrade Issues

If the plan is not active immediately, there may have been an issue with your payment.

Please make sure your card did not surpass any monthly limit or check with your bank if there were any other issues.

In general Sellics accepts all types of credit cards.

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