Wait 1 Hour after MWS Integration

Depending on the amount of sales data in your Seller Central, it may be necessary to wait approximately 1 hour after the standard API (MWS) integration to connect the PPC Manager.

Requirement: PPC Campaigns within Seller Central

Campaigns need to have already been created within the respective Seller Central, after which Amazon will create a PPC profile for your account, to which the PPC Manager can then connect to.

Please note: The API only works with a Seller Central account. Amazon Kinde, Merch or other programs are currently not supported by Amazon.

Select correct Marketplace in Sellics

Be sure to select the flag of the respective marketplace you'd like to connect to at the top right of the tool.

Multiple Seller Central Markets with Same Login Credentials

If both of your Seller Centrals (from North America & Europe) have the same login credentials (email/password), Amazon's global Advertising API will not attempt to integrate your second market anymore.

Possible solutions for this are to

   a) change the login credentials of your second Seller Central or, if that's not possible,

   b) let another user, which only has access to your second Seller Central market (including its campaign management), connect to the PPC Manager.

If you have no such additional user, you can follow these steps:

  1. Add a user to your User Permissions in your second Seller Central market

  2. Make sure his login credentials are not the same as for the other users of your first Seller Central

  3. Grant that user "view/edit" permissions for "Campaign Management"

  4. Connect to the PPC Manager using this newly added user

Multiple Seller Centrals or AMS / Vendor Central accounts

Sellics Seller Edition can only integrate Seller Centrals - and only one per market. If you connected a wrong Seller Central or AMS account (typically shown by having no data after the connection), you can reconnect to the correct Seller Central as explained here.

Again, if you have the same login credentials, follow the steps mentioned above.

Recommendation: Chrome or Firefox

Please also note that Sellics is mainly suited to Chrome and Firefox. Other browsers may cause various issues during the setup.

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