Daily Updates

For all monitored keywords the rankings will be crawled daily over night (of the respective marketplace) for your "Monitored Products", as well as for all "Other Products".

There may thus be certain ranking shifts in the meantime from what is shown in Sellics.

Rankings within Overall Search Results (& not Specific Categories)

Sellics only tracks the keyword rankings within all categories:

Rankings within certain categories are not tracked:

Rankings within first 7 pages of Standard Search Results (16 Products / Page)

Sellics observes the first 7 pages of Amazon's search results. Please note that the page number displayed for the ranking relates to the standard pages containing 16 products per page. 

If a product ranked outside of these 7 pages Sellics will not show any ranking for it.

Consider Variation vs Parent Rankings in Product Dashboards

As shown in this article, it is important to remember that not all of your variations are actually ranking for a specific keyword.

"Current Ranking" will always consider the rankings of the specific Child ASIN (variation) that you are looking at.

Algorithm Tests & Personalized Searchresults (Clear Cache)

Finally, keep in mind Amazon is constantly trying to improve the customer experience and thus search algorithm, which may lead to temoporary ranking shifts. Personalized search results are also being worked on, so it may be necessary to clear the browser's cache (hold Ctrl + Shift + R) or activate Inkognito Mode to see the actual non-personalized search results.

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