Daily Updates

The PPC data is updated on a daily basis.

During the early stages of each day, Amazon's API will transfer data for the day before the current day.

Changes Visible after around 1 Hour

Changes made in Sellics should become visble in Seller Central approx. 1 hour later and vice versa.

It can also take a few minutes before the actual change (in Sellics) is displayed in Sellics - but it should be visible in the change log immediately.

However, remember that the changes you make in Seller Central will not be logged in your Sellics Change Log or "Analyze" section.

New Campaigns after First Impressions

Generally Amazon's API will provide new campaigns or adgroups after around one hour.

In many cases, however, the API only transmits new campaigns/adgroups when they have generated their first data (eg. impressions). As this kind of data is updated on a daily basis, new campagins will often appear at the earliest on the next day.

Campaigns and adgroups can also be added / edited within Sellics, as shown in this article.

Automation Rule Conditions checked Daily

The rules in the automation feature will check whether the specific conditions were met daily over night (when we receive the newest PPC data). 

More on how the rules work can be found in this article (click here).

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