There can be multiple reasons for rules not having triggered any actions (yet):

1. The Rules have not been Set Up Properly

a)  Check if rules are active (ie. if the play button is green.)

b) Make sure the respective ad group is assigned to the rule-set.

2. Review of Conditions in Correct Timeframe

Actions are only triggered if their conditions are met. The conditions on the other hand are very much dependant on the viewed timeframe, as further explained in this article (click here).

It is important to remember that thetimeframe counter restarts for bid-changing rules if another rule changed the bid of the keyword.

When checking on the respective keyword, selecting the correct timeframe in the Optimize section is therefore essential:

3. Click Threshold not reached (1/2X)

If you have selected 1X, 1,5X or 2X as your click threshold, be sure to check the PPC conversion rate of the products in the respective adgroups.

The number of clicks needed on avarage for one conversion is often underestimated, so the specific target/searchterm may simply not have reached that number yet.

4. Consider your Target ACOS Buffer

When checking if a keyword's ACOS is above the target acos from your rule, don't forget to also include the +/-% buffer:

In the above example of a 10% buffer, if the target ACOS for an ad group is 40%, keyword bids will only be reduced if their ACOS is above 50%.

5. Consider Difference between
Keywords (Targets) & Searchterms

A rule whose action refers to a searchterm will have no influence on Keywords and vice versa.

6. ACOS of 0 is no ACOS

The system cannot recognize a non-existing ACOS as 0. 

This is why your Keyword Rules should also contain a "0 sales" rule, as in our suggested example.

7. Max / Min Bid Blocks Bid Adjustment

If you have set a max or min bid for a certain rule, actions will not trigger if the rule would make the bid bigger / smaller than the respective max / min bid.

It is therefore generally recommended to set rather smaller bid adjustments (20%) after fewer clicks, rather than higher adjustments after more clicks.

For Keyword Rules only:

8.  Target already within Destination Ad Group

If a target is already within a destination ad group, the rule will not trigger the specific action to move the target. 

If it is part of a 2-part rule that includes setting a searchterm to negative, then the second rule part will still be triggered and the searchterm will be moved to negative.

Help Us Help You

If a condition is met, but no action was triggered, please contact us via the tool's chat. When doing so please prepare an example contaning the viewed marketplace, rule, adgroup, example keyword and timeframe.

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