After the account is set up, Sellics receives or retrieves different amounts of historical data for different parts of the tool:

Sales & Profit - Full History (back to 2016)

Unless you were already selling before 2016, Sellics is able to retrieve all historical sales history via Amazon's MWS API.

PPC Manager - 2 Months

Via Amazon's Advertising API Sellics will receive 2 months of historical data.

The data in the Sponsored Brands Campaigns in Sellics will also include up to 60 days of historical data from the time that the sponsored brands feature is activated within Sellics. The earliest available data for sponsored brands is from May 2020.

Reviews - No Limit

Sellics will retrieve all historical reviews for all "Monitored Products" in the Cockpit.

Keyword Rankings - No Historical Data

There is no historical data for keyword rankings. Sellics will only be able to start assembling this data after the monitoring for a product and its keyword rankings was started.

Spy - No Historical Data

In general there is no historical data of competitor sales. If a product was previously monitored by other customers though, Sellics will be able to show sales for these specific timeframes.

Please note: Moving forward the data is stored, so the history available will increase each day.

There is currently no way to actively pull more historical data in any of these features.

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