Cover Several Word Combinations at Once

Hyphens offer a useful solution to cover several word combinations (keywords) with one keyword.

1 Hyphen

A keyword formed as "a-b" will cover customer search queries entered as "a-b", "a b", "ab", "a" and "b".


"dog-house" will have your product appear for "dog-house", "dog house", doghouse", "dog" & "house".

Multiple Hyphens

Multiple hyphens ("a-b-c") will on the one hand cover all single words ("a" , "b" & "c"), as well as the complete joint keyword ("abc").

In this case, however, the single paired words would not be covered ("ab", "ac" & "bc").


"dog-play-house" will have your product covered for the searches "dog", "play", "house" as well as "dogplayhouse".

It will, however, not be covered for "dogplay", "doghouse" & "playhouse".

Only Recommended to Save Space

For ranking optimization purposes it is generally recommended to enter keywords in the manner in which they are entered by customers. Usually this is without hyphens.

If there is enough space within your backend searchterms, it is therefore recommended to enter all the different word combinations. It cannot hurt to additionaly enter the hyphen keyword though!

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