The downloads from Sonar are in csv format and use a ";" as delimiter between columns. If you open it in Excel it should look correct right away. If not you can try it this way:

Option 1: Drag & Drop

  1. Open a new sheet in Excel

  2. Locate your downloaded Sonar .CSV file

  3. Drag the .CSV file with the mouse to your new sheet in Excel and drop it.

  4. If this option does not work for you, you can open the .CSV file in the following way:

Option 2 : Using Excel Text Conversion Wizard

  1. Open a new sheet in Excel

  2. Go to the "Data" tab

  3. In the Get External Data group, select “From text”

  4. Navigate to the location of the Sonar .CSV file (i.e. in the download folder) and
    open the file

  5. Click "Next" in the Text Conversion Wizard in step 1

  6. In step 2, choose the semicolon as delimiter, click "finish" and then "OK"

Sonar Tutorial with Export Explanation (starting at 3m30)

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