"Add to Cart" Box for Quick & Easy Purchases

The Buybox is the "Add to Cart" section which makes it very easy for customers to buy products. Only one seller can own the Buybox of the same ASIN at any given time.

If a product is sold by multiple sellers, approximately 90% of all sales will usually go to the seller within the Buybox.

Low Relevance for Private Label Sellers

Private Label Sellers usually do not have to worry about competing for the Buybox, although they, too, have to occasionally deal with hijackers.

Sellers can only obtain a buybox after being listed on Amazon for at least 3 months.

High Relevance for Resellers

If a product is offered by multiple sellers, the following factors will decide on which seller receives the Buybox:

  1. Price: The lower the price, the higher the probability of obtaining the Buybox. This does not mean, though, that it is always necessarily the lowest priced offer which will be given the Buybox.

  2. FBA / Prime: Offering a product with Prime fulfilment will increase the chances of obtaining the Buybox significantly. Alternatively sellers should be able to uphold an avarage delivery time of under 2 days.

  3. Seller Rating: The more seller reviews and the better the seller rating is, the higher the chance of obtaining the Buybox.

  4. Reaction Time: The faster sellers can react to to customer inquiries, the better for any Buybox aspirations. The avarage response time should be under 24 hours.

The most important factors are the price and FBA. If a seller uses FBA and is offering the lowest price, the chances are very good of receiving the Buybox.

This blog article (click here) explains everything that is important to know about the buybox.

Buybox Example

The field on the right side is the Buybox. On the bottom left Amazon will list the other sellers which are offering the same product.

Visible Product Information by Buybox Seller

The product's listing page will always display the content (keywords, texts, images) which the Buybox seller entered within Seller Central.

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