Revenue Based Pricing - scaling with your Amazon business
the less data crawling/processing/storing required, the lower the price

The pricing for the Sellics Seller Edition can be viewed on our homepage as well as in your account management (top right). 

In order to calculate your annual Revenue, Sellics looks at the revenue of the past 2 months.

Automatic Price Adjustments

Before each new billing cycle, Sellics will automatically check your revenue tier to determine the pricing. 

This is why you can use long-term plans to secure a lower price for a longer time, as detailed in the next paragraph.

Full Payment Always Upfront

Independent of the plan duration (1, 6 or 12 months), the full payment is always upfront.

The pricing for multiple months is therefore quite a bit cheaper, while it will also enable you to "protect" the pricing of your current revenue tier for the duration of that plan.

Only after the cycle ends Sellics will again check the account's revenue tier to determine the pricing.

More information about the up- & downgrades can be found here.

All Features & Marketplaces Always Included

All features & marketplaces are always included - also within the trial.
There are no pricing options for individual features or marketplaces.

You can add up to 5 team members & integrate 1 Seller Central per market.

Easy Cancellation at Any Time

You can easily cancel the subscription at any time in your account management, as detailed here.

Invoices in Account Management

The invoices can also be found within your account management as shown here.

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