Our PPC Manager allows you to analyze, optimize and automate your PPC campaigns on Amazon. 

To get started with the tool, select the ‘PPC Manager’ from the top menu.

Then select ‘Analyze’ from the PPC menu bar.

The first table gives you an overview of the most important KPIs for your marketing efforts. You can sort the visualization according to Campaign or Ad Group, and change the time frame in the header.

The little illustrations on the left side help you identify which type each campaign belongs to: the magic wand illustrates an Automatic Campaign, the green mannequin signifies a Manual Campaign, and the lightning stands for Automated Campaigns with active rules sets.

The next part of the Analyze function is the trend overview. This is what the trend visualization looks like for all campaigns combined.

You can see how the changes that you made to your campaigns over time has affected their performance.

You can change the KPIs you want to look at in the top right-hand corner. For example, in the screenshot above we are comparing Sales and ACoS data, but you could mix and match any combination that includes Sales, Ad Spend, CPC, Impressions, CTR, Clicks, CR, and Orders.

Below the graph, you can track your changes over time. By hovering over the symbols, you find out what each of them means. For example, a green arrow means that a bid for an ad group was increased. Historical data is a great way to see if your optimization efforts had the desired effect.

At the end of the Analyze page sits the Change Log.

This is a list of all the changes you made, including details on the specific changes, when they were made and who did it.

The default is set to show the trend of selected KPIs for all your campaigns combined. To break it down by campaign and Ad Group, select the relevant in the section above (first table). The trend graph and Change Log will adjust automatically:

You are now able to analyze the PPC performance of your campaigns and Ad Groups! 

Analysis is just the start -- once you understand your performance, it is time to Optimize. 

Learn how to optimize your PPC Campaigns in Sellics.

Note: Reading lots of text isn’t your thing? Watch our Tutorial instead: 

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