Where & How?

Enter or upload your Target ACoS as shown in this article (click here).

Also, this article (click here) explains how to set a Target ACoS for your products.

Why? Variable ACoS Condition for Rule Automations

Apart from visualizing how far off your current ACoS is from your target in the "Optimize" tab of the PPC Manager, entering your target ACoS is especially useful to automate your PPC.

Instead of creating multiple rule-sets for different adgroups with different targets, you can simply select "Target- Acos":

The rule in the above screenshot would, for example, therefore check whether the ACOS is lower than the target acos of each individual active adgroup in that rule-set.

Please note:
Using the target acos in your conditions does not mean the ACoS will automatically move towards your target. After all, customers still need to buy your product.

Give "Space" to your Target with +/-  %

If in the above example the target acos is 20%, for example, then the rule will only trigger if the ACoS is below 17,5%.

With another counter rule to only decrease the bid if ACoS > Target + 2,5%, for example, you can avoid having bid changes if the ACOS is 2,5% smaller or bigger than your target.

Ideal Browser:  Chrome or Firefox

Generally the tool works best for Chrome & Firefox - this is also the case for this rather delicate upload function.

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