Creating Campaigns

Within the "Optimize" tab of the PPC Manager, you can create campaigns at the top right of the table:

Current Limitation & Errors - Monitored Products / Campaign name already used

Currently it is only possible to add sold Products to campaigns in Sellics - any other products have to be added via Seller Central.

Newly created products or campaigns in Seller Central will appear in Sellics approximately one hour later.

A frequent error when creating a new campaign is the usage of names that were already used for older campaigns. This can be checked by increasing the timeframe and searching for the campaign name.

Add Products to Existing Campaigns (Adgroups)

Campaigns are just groupings of Adgroups. So in order to add products to a Campaign, you need to select an Adgroup first and then edit it:

Add Keywords to Existing Adgroups

Click into an adgroup and then add keywords at the top right:

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