The Sellics Inventory tool is an easy-to-use feature that helps you stay on top of your product availability and order new items in time before you are out of stock.

Important: If you are new to Sellics and just integrated the software with your Amazon Seller account it can take up to 48 hours for products to appear in the Inventory tool.

To get to the Inventory tool, select the appropriate tab in the Sellics menu bar:

The first part of the tool shows a timeline. It helps you see at a glance which products you need to re-order within 30, 30-60, or 60-90 days. The number of days is determined based on the remaining inventory and the sales velocity of your product.

The second part of the tool breaks down your inventory data by product. For each item, you can see how many units are still available and their sales velocity. Once you add the lead time for your products, Sellics can calculate the date when you need to re-order a product to avoid being out of stock.

Note: You can add up to 100 different items to your inventory list in Sellics.

And that’s it. Simple and effective.

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PS: Text isn’t your thing? Watch our short video on our inventory tool:

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