Buy Box Overview for all Monitored Products

The buy box status is automatically registered daily over night via Amazon's API for all of your Monitored Products.

Via the + in the top menu, you can check the overall trend of your products' buy box retention, while further below you can sort the Buybox collumn to see which products have the buy box and which do not:

You may also want to sort the "seller" collumn to identify products which have a lot of competitors. Sellics counts each offer as a seller. Therefore, if you are selling via FBA and FBM, you will likely only care about products with a "Seller" count that is higher than 2.

Individual Product Buy Box Status over Time

Via the "Details" button on the right side of each product (same as in the Cockpit), you can turn on the Buy Box (/Price) trend at the top of the Product Dashboard overview:

After that, you can see the buy box trend over time, along with your Price and other metrics:

This can help you learn whether certain prices or other instances (for which you could use the Note function), impacted your product's buy box status.

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