There are different goals you can pursue with your PPC campaigns. Depending on your goals, you can either focus on Break-even ACoS or target ACoS.

Target ACoS = Profit Margin (Before Advertising) – Target Profit Margin (After Advertising)

The target ACoS is a benchmark that allows you to see immediately if your campaigns are achieving your target profit margin.

Here are some examples of different strategies and how to adjust your Target ACoS inside Sellics:

We strongly recommend not to change your Target ACoS more often than once every 2 weeks when you are going to use the Sellics Automation with rules based on your Target ACoS.

Here is another example if your historical ACoS for example is 40% in the last 30 days and you want to use the Rules-based Automation or Autopilot:

Tip: We’ve made it easy for you to upload target ACoS for all your products. Feel free to try.

Advertising feature > Optimize > Adgroups

On the one hand, you can manually enter your Target ACoS within the table. On the other hand, it can be uploaded at the top right of the table:

Having trouble uploading the file? This article (click here) lists possible reasons.

If you still have trouble deciding on how to set your Target ACoS take a look at this article.

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