How do the rules from the Automate feature work?

Rules automatically change your keyword bids based on how the keyword is performing. A rule consists of a condition, a threshold, as well as an action.

  • The condition is the "If-statement" of the rule. If the condition is true, the rule will trigger the action.

  • The threshold specifies how long the rule should wait until it checks for the condition.

  • The action tells the rule what should happen if the condition is met.

  • Rules are grouped in rule-sets.

  • You can apply one rule-set to multiple ad groups. However, an ad group can only have one rule-set attached to it.

When and how is a rule triggered?

  • The rule will wait for the threshold to be passed for each keyword (e.g. the number of clicks or days) until it checks the condition.

  • The rule will check if a keyword has crossed the threshold daily at night. If the threshold was crossed, but the condition is not yet met, the rule will continue to collect data each day (growing the threshold count) until the condition is met or until the keyword bid was changed by another rule. If you are doing any manual changes to your bids the rule will re-set.

  • Once the threshold has been crossed and the condition is met, the rule will trigger the action.

What happens after a rule is triggered?

If the rule triggers an action for a keyword, the threshold count will restart for the entire rule-set and wait for the condition to match again.

If a keyword bid is changed, all rules attached to the keyword in the respective ad-group are going to reset their threshold count.

What happens if the conditions of multiple rules are met for one keyword?

If a keyword reaches the threshold of multiple rules, it will trigger each rule where the condition is true. This means there can be multiple actions per keyword on a given day.

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