There can be multiple reasons for rules not having triggered any actions (yet):

1. The Rules have not been set up properly

To see a tutorial on how to set up bid-adjustment rules, see Setting up Bid-adjustment Automation. For written guide, see How do Bid Rules work? To understand the interface and mechanism of rules-based PPC automation, see How do Rules for PPC Automation Work?

2. Not enough time has passed / Not enough data has been collected

For more information about the time-frame that rules look at, see What Time-frame do the Rules look at? To understand the importance of sufficient data, see Collection of Sufficient Data for Well-Informed Decisions.

3. Review of conditions in correct time-frame

Actions are only triggered if their conditions are met. The conditions, on the other hand, are very much dependent on the viewed time-frame.

Therefore, selecting the correct time-frame in the Optimize section is essential:


4. Consider the Difference between Keywords & Searchterms

A rule whose action refers to a search term will have no influence on Keywords and vice versa. To see the distinction between two terms, see What is the difference between Keywords & Searchterms?

Help Us Help You

If a condition is met, but no action was triggered, please contact us via the tool's chat. When doing so please prepare an example containing the viewed marketplace, rule, ad group, example keyword and time-frame.

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