Automate PPC Bid Optimization

Bid Rules will let you automate the process of optimizing your bids and CPC, either for individual Targets (Keywords or ASINs) in manual campaigns, or for default ad group bids from automatic campaigns.

To fully appreciate the power of this feature and realize how much time can be saved with it, it's recommended to obtain a basic understanding of bid optimization.

Reminder: Learn about how rules work in general and which conditions you can set for your rules in this article, while our best-practice recommendation for bid rules can be found in this article.

How to get started:

1. Add Ad Groups the Rule Set

Click on the top middle button to start adding ad groups to a rule-set, in this example for automatic ad groups:

You can either add individually selected ad groups, or simply all ad groups:

2. Set Bid Changes % according to your Strategy

For the respective actions, decide how aggressive or defensive you want to be with your bid adjustments:

3. Set Maximum & Minimum Bids

On the far right of each rule, set a minimum and especially maximum bid that fits your margin calculations:

What next? If you haven't already, set up Keyword Rules to find more keywords to target with individual bids and move keywords between ad groups strategically!

Make sure to also check out our quick video tutorial for Bid rules!

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