Where can I find the bidding rules?

Amazon Advertising --> Select advertising account or integration ---> Automation ---> Bidding rules

Automatic Ad Groups

Low ACoS: If ACoS < Target ACoS after 150 clicks, increase ad group bid by 20%

High ACoS: If ACoS > Target ACoS after 150 clicks, decrease ad group bid by 20%

Manual Ad Groups

Low ACoS: if ACoS < Target ACoS after 1 Order, increase target bid by 30% 

High ACoS: if ACoS > Target ACoS after 1X clicks, decrease target bid by 30%

What about rules that optimize metrics other than ACoS? Can I build rules for impressions or sales?

We recommend bid rules based on target ACoS because the calculation for ACoS already takes into account clicks and sales. This means the rules above already consider CTR and CVR as a means to understand individual target performance, with ACoS as the guardrail. If you would like to accelerate impressions, clicks, or sales, regardless of ACoS or efficiency, you can design rules against those metrics.

Keyword Rules Suggestion for 0 Sales

Bid Rules cannot provide a solution for targets or ad groups with 0 sales, as there can be no ACoS without any revenue.

Therefore it is also recommended to set up Keyword Rules, in order to, for example, pause such a keyword or set it to negative.

Defensive vs. Aggressive Rule Sets

Depending on your strategy, you may want to be less or more aggressive - for instance to help push the keyword rankings of new products.

A more defensive strategy could mean decreasing bids by a higher % (e.g. 30), while a more offensive strategy could mean the same for increasing bids.

This article (click here) explains how to determine the Target ACoS.

This article (click here) explains what 1X/1.5X means, i.e. how many clicks you should wait.

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