Machine Learning, Hands-off Automation - PPC Optimization made simple

Autopilot takes away the complexity of automation. Sellers only need to enter a target ACoS for the respective ad groups and Autopilot will take over from there.

Rule-based automation is very "stiff" and will only trigger actions based on defined conditions and performances in the past. Autopilot, however, is able connect data of a range of keywords, generate sophisticated revenue & seasonality forecasts and use artificial intelligence to constantly and proactively set the ideal bid for each target on a daily basis, without having to wait for any thresholds.

These and more advantages of Autopilot vs rule-based automation are explained further in this article!

How exactly Autopilot forecasts revenues of individual targets based on multiple factors that would be beyond a human or simple rule, is explained further in this article.

Included in Autopilot:  AI Bid Automation & Keyword Rules

Autopilot will handle both the bid optimization and optional keyword pausing, negating, harvesting & movement, and thus replacing bid rules and keyword rules.

Ad groups cannot be assigned to both Autopilot and a bid rule-set at the same time.

If Autopilot is set to using Keyword Movement automation (which is optional, see step 3 of this Getting started article), ad groups cannot be assigned to Autopilot and a keyword rule-set at the same time.

Weekly Performance Report + Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

Customers using Autopilot will be sent a weekly performance report to easily stay on top of what is happening with their ad groups.

Additionally, Autopilot customers will gain access to our exclusive mastermind group on Facebook.

What impact can I expect? 

Generally speaking, the more data Autopilot has at its disposal, the more accurate its revenue forecasts will be and thus the more effective its bid optimization.

Therefore, campaigns with a lot of history will typically reach their target ACoS more quickly.

Especially for newer campaigns, ACoS may initially go up in the short-term, but with our thorough and year long testing, we are confident that Autopilot will, with a high certainty, close the gap to your Target ACoS after around 3 months or earlier.

The worst case scenario is not having a high ACoS, but having the ACoS and clicks reduced to 0. This can happen for unoptimized products that are not or barely generating any sales or for a case of a very low and potentially unrealistic Target ACoS.

How do I get started? Pricing?

This article offers a quick walk-through of the Autopilot feature in Sellics.

This article explains the pricing for Autopilot.


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