1. Proactive Bid Optimization for Long Tail Keywords based on Keyword Clusters

On average, 50% of all ppc costs come from several (long-tail) keywords that generate very few clicks. These keywords will rarely reach a defined click threshold and have their bid changed via rule-based automation.

Autopilot, however, is able predict performance even for low traffic and new keywords, analyzing distinct characteristics, determining which keywords behave in a similar way, and clustering data to make calculations precise.

Based on the historical performance of similar keywords', Autopilot's AI can then estimate the upcoming conversion rates of each individual keyword and proactively adjust bids.

Therefore, you do not have to wait X clicks or more and assemble costs for all of these individual keywords before setting a more fitting bid.

2. Proactive Bid Optimization based on Seasonality & Revenue Forecasts

Rules only consider historical data within a defined timeframe, excluding the sales attribution window.

Especially for accounts with large incoming data each day, rules can be problematic as one day worth of data will, for many targets, already be enough reach the respective (click) thresholds. After that the rule triggers, automation will wait another 3/5/7 days, depending on the user defined sales attribution window, before making the next action.

Consequently, rules will only consider making changes in 3/5/7 days windows.

Autopilot, however, will adjust bids by looking at historical data and forecasting the future revenue (including expected latent revenue from sales attribution) for each individual target, based on several complex factors detailed in this article. This will ensure that your bids will be adjusted as often as necessary, regardless of the sales attribution window.

3. Autopilot is Low Maintenance

Rules are complex and need to be fully understood, tweaked, and constantly analyzed regarding their effectiveness, especially for highly seasonal products.

In order to use Autopilot, sellers only need to set a desired Target ACoS, and will require little to no supervision from you.

4. Expert Advice & Access to Exclusive Mastermind Group

Autopilot users not only get revolutionary machine-learning PPC automation, but also more expertise and advice to go with it.

In our Facebook mastermind group, exclusive tips & expertise is just a question away - not only from our internal experts, but also from similarly successful Amazon sellers & vendors using Autopilot.

Autopilot users can also request two 1-hour calls within 6 months from our PPC experts.


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