Target Listing Pages - Steal Competition Traffic & Cross-Sell own Products

In contrast to traditional Keyword Targeting, where you can have your Sponsored Products appear in the search results after customers enter specific search terms, Product Targeting ads allow you to target the listing page of any ASIN:

This is a great way steal "buy-ready" customers right in the last step from your competition. Additionally, you can use these ads to promote your other products from the same niche that customers might find relevant too.

Typically you can find a lot of product listing pages (ASINs) that will work well for your ads in your Automatic campaigns' search term reports.

Read more about how to run effective product targeting campaigns in this Blog article!

2 Options available - ASIN & Category Targeting

Amazon provides two options to target those product listing pages. 

You can either target selected products (ie. their ASINs, which can be found in the URL of each listing page, see screenshot above) or you can use "Category Targeting".

Category targeting allows you to target unspecified ASINs based on various criterias: The product category, the products' ratings, shipping method (prime), brand and price range.

Campaign Creation for Product Targeting Ads only in Seller Central

At this time it is not yet possible to create Product targeting campaigns in Sellics. 

After you create them in Seller Central, however, they will also appear in Sellics and can be autotomated with Bid Rules and Keyword Rules!

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