Autopilot is Sellic's machine learning PPC management software. Extensively developed by industry leading developers and advertisers; the goal is to completely remove complexity of PPC management and allow our service to do it for you.

While our PPC 'Automation' relies on set conditions to trigger an action, Autopilot is able connect data of different (similar) keywords, generate sophisticated CPC revenue & seasonality forecasts, and use complex artificial intelligence to constantly and preemptively set the ideal bid for each target on a daily basis, without having to wait for any thresholds.

Am I eligible for Autopilot?

In order to be considered for our Autopilot program you MUST have the following:

  • 20+ PPC conversions per day across the PPC marketplace

  • 3+ weeks of PPC data in Sellics after integration

  • 40% of your ad spend should go through Exact Match Type.

If you are eligible, you can submit a request to join by following this link.

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