What’s the Profit Breakdown Chart?

The Profit Breakdown Chart allows you to drill down deep into your performance data, giving you insight into your Total Sales, Total Costs and Operating Profit for any period defined in the date picker. With the Profit Breakdown Chart, you can identify your main costs and profit drivers as an entry point for further drill down. identify main cost/profit drivers as entry point for further drill down

You can explore your performance further by clicking on a Cost or Sales category.

The Total Sales column is the sum of all products sales in the Product Overview Table.

  • PPC Sales shows the total amount of sales generated from Amazon PPC campaigns. Please note that since Amazon delivers PPC data with a one day time delay, viewing data using the Today timeframe will show only your Organic Sales.

  • Organic Sales are all sales unassociated with a paid advertising campaign.

The Total Costs column shows your negative profit information.

  • Sales Tax / VAT: The total amount in Sales Tax or VAT costs.

  • Total Cost of Goods: The total cost of goods and their associated inbound shipping fees for the products sold during your selected timeframe, as defined in the Cost Manager tab.

  • AMZ Referral Fees: The total amount of commissions and fees that Amazon charged you for all products sold.

  • FBA Shipping Fees: The total amount of fees that Amazon charges you for FBA fulfillment activity.

  • Promotion Costs: The amount of revenue deducted by promotional campaigns.

  • Total Return Cost: The cost of the returned goods and returned shipping costs plus the amount paid to Amazon in Refund Commissions. (note: link to returns)

  • Ad spend: The amount spent on Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brand ads in the given period.

The Profit Margin column is the sum of the Total Costs subtracted from the Total Sales.

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