What’s in the KPI Table?

The Key Metrics Table shows you your growth over a defined period. If one day time-frame is selected, trends compare to same day 7 days ago until the current time of day (for example, if it's 14:00 on Monday, we compare your data until last Monday until 14:00). If multiple days are selected, we compare the selected period to the previous period (for example, if 30 days are selected, we compare to the 30 days previous).

Note that the Key Metrics table includes fixed costs in its calculation for Operating Profit, unlike exports from the Product Overview Table.

What’s in the Profit Trend Chart?

The Profit Trends Chart allows you to compare two metrics over a defined timeframe. You can view any two metrics for your defined time period as a line or bar chart distributed over Hours, Days, Months or Years.

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