The Product Table shows you the performance of your individual ASINs. You can group your ASINs by parent or (if you are viewing an aggregated marketplace) by market. You can choose from over 30 metrics to include in the table columns and export them in custom reports.

At the top of the Product Table, you can choose how you want to (or if you want to) group the ASINs displayed. You are able to:

  • Group By Parent. All Child ASINs will nest under a Parent ASIN.

  • Group by Market. All Marketplace ASINs will group by the selected Market. Please note that this is only available in the EU and NA aggregated Marketplace view.

When either of these options are active, you will have the opportunity to expand or collapse all grouped ASINs on the table.

Adding columns to the Product Table

You can add as many columns as you wish. Simply select the box next to the available metrics and click "apply".

Exporting reports

You can export reports from the Product Table by clicking on the "Export" button:

  • You can create custom reports by exporting only the selected columns visible in the Product Table.

  • Alternately, you can export all available metrics.

  • Note that your export will only include sales information attributable on the product level; any fees or costs on the market or marketplace level will not appear in your exports.

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