If you have only a few ASINs, we recommend that you add your cost of goods directly in the Cost Manager and VAT tabs. Find out how here. If you have a large number of ASINs you may find it more manageable to use our bulk upload feature. To find out how, simply read below.

Where can I find the Cost Manager bulk upload?

You can find the Cost Manager inside the Profit tool. Click "Cost Manager" in the secondary Navigation, as shown below:

Uploading your cost of goods information in bulk

For users with a high number of ASINs, we recommend using the bulk Cost Upload feature. Start by opening the Profit module and navigating to the Cost Manager.

You can find the Cost Upload at the top of the Cost Manager:

Choose your marketplace, and then click the “Upload Costs” button. A modal like the one below will appear:

You will be prompted to download an .XLS file. Follow the instructions in the document to successfully upload your costs. Keep in mind that you must enter your costs for each individual marketplace.

Troubleshooting common bulk Cost Upload issues

The most common errors are the result of:

  • Changing the file type to something other than .XLS

  • Deleting one or more of the tabs (eg. instructions tab or other markets)

  • Changing the document’s structure (moving or adding columns, deleting cells, etc.)

  • Addition of further ASINs which were not included in the downloaded file

  • Changes to further settings within the file, eg. reformatting a “number” cell to become a “text” cell for prices

  • Incorrectly formatting of decimal numbers - you should use periods (10.00) for North American markets and commas (10,00) for European markets.

  • Failing to define a currency

  • Leaving a cost blank (This will cause the sheet to assume a “zero” value)

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