What are Sponsored Brands?

Sponsored Brands are used to bring awareness to your brand, engage your customers with your brand, and increase the awareness of your brand. In comparison, Sponsored Products focus on specific products and incremental sales.

Sponsored Brands campaigns, available on mobile and desktop, are shown in a prominent position on the Amazon results page:

  • 1 positioning on the top

  • 3 placements in search results on Amazon

  • Product Detail Page

What are Sellics' suggestions or recommendations for Sponsored Brands?

For a complete walk through on how to run effective SB Campaigns, see our blog post by clicking here.

Generally, Sellics suggests running a dual approach between Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.

For your Sponsored Products: understanding your profit and profitability breakdown per ASIN / ASIN family will help you to best select which products to actively promote.

Sponsored Brands can assist in building the brand/product representation and consideration, which ultimately can help with uplift across your entire product catalog.

For complete guide, please visit The Guide to Sponsored Brands Advertising in Sellics.

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