Sellics Autopilot is a cutting-edge AI-based algorithm for Amazon Advertising optimization, allowing advertisers to achieve their target ACoS while generating the most revenue for that ACoS level.

How does Autopilot do it? It does so by calculating the perfect bid for each keyword every day, taking into account a combination of keyword clustering, revenue and sales forecasting, and seasonality.

Connecting to Sellics alone does not automatically enable Autopilot to manage your campaigns for you. Therefore, we need a couple details from you to get started!

Step 1: Define your Strategy

Define your advertising strategy as a target ACoS. You can change your advertising strategy anytime just by adjusting your target ACoS!

Step 2: Input your AdGroup Target ACoS

In the Optimize tab, Input your target ACoS per ad group into Sellics. You can either use the bulk target ACoS upload sheet or manually input them per ad group.

Option 1: Bulk Target ACoS Upload Sheet

Option 2: Input it manually

Step 3: Select your AdGroups

In the Autopilot tab, select the campaigns for which you would like to enroll into Autopilot. Please note that ad groups for which target ACoS is not inputted cannot be selected for Autopilot.

From this screen, you will observe 0 metrics and trend lines for the first time. These will update with metrics from Autopilot-enrolled ad groups once you have made your selection.

Step 4: Pick your Keyword Harvesting Structure

If you have selected at least one auto campaign and one manual campaign, when you hit “Save Changes,” you will be prompted to tell us your campaign structure.

Telling us your campaign structure will prompt you to then map your campaigns accordingly. Mapping your campaigns tells us where we should be promoting converting search terms.

Please note that in these example screens, the user had named their campaigns to reflect the match type of their targets inside the campaign. This workflow illustrates how important it is to name your campaigns accordingly for easy referencing and organization.

If you have an inconsistent campaign structure, or would not like to enable keyword harvesting at this time, you can select the last option to only enable bid management. Should you like to map at a later date, you can certainly do so.

Step 5: SAVE!

Hit “Save.” That’s it! Your metrics will now update to reflect the aggregated advertising performance of the ad groups enrolled in Autopilot.


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