Uploading your content changes on Amazon always requires a few steps. In this guide I will cover - step-by-step - how to upload your Content Upload File from Sellics into Vendor Central.

Step 1: From Sellics, Download your Upload File

Sellics groups all of the changes you make to your content in one Upload File. Under the Content & SEO module, click on Generate Upload File to quickly download all of your updated listing in one Excel file.

Step 2: Log-in in Vendor Central and Access Support

After logging into Vendor Central with your brand's credentials, on the top of your welcome page, click on Support to begin the workflow to open a ticket.

Step 3: Click on "Contact US" to Select a Ticket Type

Step 4 (Optional): Pick a Category

If you have products listed under multiple categories, you will have to select the category for which you would like to make the content changes for.

Step 5: Select a Ticket Type

You can open many types of tickets on Amazon. However, to make content changes in bulk you have to select the Item Detail Edit option under Manage Catalogue.

Step 6: Send the Sellics Upload File through the Ticket

This process will open a ticket for you. Please, fill out with all the information that the ticket requires. If you are providing the wrong information, or skip mandatory fields, your ticket could be rejected. Unfortunately, Amazon is unpredictable, and they could reject a ticket with no reason, be ready to write a kind message and possibly re-submit your ticket.

Remember to:

  • Write as object of your ticket: "Content Listing Change - Please"

  • Attach your Sellics Content Upload File

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