Different Logics of PPC Sales Attribution

As customers may click on a product, save it in their shopping cart (or browser) and buy it one or more days later, PPC sales can often be attributed to two different days:

  1. the day when the click on the (sponsored) product occured

  2. the day when the product was actually bought

PPC Manager - Logic 1: Attribute Sales to Day of Click

The PPC Manager (and Campaign Manager in Seller Central) will attribute all PPC sales to the day of their original click, ad detailed in this article about PPC Sales attribution.

Profit Dashboard / Seller Central - Logic 2: Attribute Sales to Day of Order

The profit dashboard only receives the total sales information for a given day / product, without knowing whether these came from organic or paid clicks, or when these clicks occured.

It then checks and shows the PPC sales from the PPC Manager (Advertising API).

Keep Correct Overall Revenue by Clearing Organic attributed Revenue

Often there will be more PPC revenue (click based) than actual total revenue (order based) within a given timeframe.

In the example below, the overall (correct) sales for the viewed timeframe was €51,658, while the PPC (& Campaign) Manager shows €53,209 of (click based) revenue for the same timeframe:

As this increases the overall sales figure in the viewed timeframe, the organic sales have to be reduced by the respective amount by which the total sales figure was increased through PPC attributed sales.

This way it can be guaranteed that the overall sales & profit summary remains intact.

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