When working on reviews and questions management, it is key to keep an eye on what needs to be done, what is currently being worked on, and what reached completion.

Therefore, Sellics provides a workflow comprised of four different steps:

  • New: This folder will contain all the new reviews or questions that need to be addressed that you have received in the time frame selected. Keep in mind that the amount of "New" reviews changes as you apply filters.

  • In Progress: You can set your review or question to the "Work in Progress" status if you want to save it for later.

  • Done: Set reviews or questions that do not warrant further action to "Done" to indicate completion.

  • Watchlist: If there are reviews or questions to which you have responded and would like to revisit at the later date, Sellics offers a "Watchlist." A potential use case for this watch list is if a review is unsatisfactory and you are expecting the customer to either revise or edit their review after you have followed up with the customer to address their dissatisfaction.

Use the button selection below on each review or question to change its status and move it across the workflow.

Remember, you can manage your "Watchlist" by clicking on the folder in the workflow summary. Here you can see what is currently on "Watch" and a log of all the replies to the questions.

Tip: All the data in the Reviews & Questions module is exportable (including author, status of the review, and rating). Clicking on the export button, you will be able to download your reviews and questions in an Excel sheet. Keep in mind that if you have an active filter, your export file will reflect it the filter as well. Therefore, if you are filtering your reviews by a specific brand and 1 and 2 star rating, you will only export the negative reviews of that brand.

For complete guide, visit The Complete Guide to Reviews & Questions.

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