In the Listing Optimization tab, you can get a complete overview of how well your content is optimized, directly optimize your content in bulk, and research and add new keywords.

Like every Organic Module in Sellics, Listing Optimization allows you to utilize filters to refine the view of your content. You can start reviewing your content by filtering based on Product ASIN, Tag, Brand, Category, and Marketplace. After you have set your filters, you are ready to get an overview of how well your content listing is optimized.

Easily identify content optimization potential across your product selection using our traffic light system: red=bad, yellow=average, green=good.

Set your Standard for Content Strategy

You can set up your own criteria to evaluate your products' content. Just click on the symbol next to Listing Optimization.

When you click on the symbol, you will get the option to set up your own content profiles based on your categories. After this, the status of your optimization (the colors) will reflect your content standard profiles. The Amazon character limitations will be implemented also in your product listing.

Please note that you can also use Sellics Recommendations.

Start Editing Your Content

In 'product overview', you can find the following information (scroll to see more columns on the right):

  • If the product shows content differences (compared to Amazon’s content)

  • Whether your product has A+ Content

  • Overall coefficient: how well is your product content optimized based on our internal guidelines regarding title length, number of bullet points, number of images, length of product description, availability of video.

  • Length of the product title

  • Number of bullet points

  • Number of images

  • Length of product description

  • Availability of video

  • Last update (date)

When you open a product by clicking on Optimize on the right hand side, you will be able to start editing your content for each individual ASIN. Each element of your content, such as Title or Product Description, has its individual editing box, where you can start making changes to your content.

An important component of any successful SEO Strategy is gathering insights from the customer voice that can inform improvements to your content. To gain insights from your Reviews and Questions, click on See Similar Products. This will enable you to see all the customer reviews and questions for your products, so you can gather insights on what is relevant to your customers and then implement it in your product listing. You can also see the customer reviews and questions for your competitor’s products, as well as their content. These options can give you more ideas and inspiration for your listing optimization.

Make Changes in Bulk

You can optimize your ASINs efficiently in bulk by clicking on the transfer button. You can bulk transfer keywords & listing content from one Amazon product to its related product variations. This means, instead of updating listing content for 100 products individually on Amazon, you can simply optimize the content for one product and transfer the content and keywords easily to the rest of your product variations.

  • Sellics Tip: Consider creating tags in order to easily filter by product groups / product variations. This can make your content management workflow considerably faster!

You have full control of what components of your content you want to transfer to other ASINs. For example, do some of your products share the last two bullet-points? On the left, select the two bullet-points you want to transfer. On the right, select the destination ASINs to copy the two bullet-points across multiple products.

For complete guide, visit The Complete Guide to Content & SEO.

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