You can research and add new keywords from both the Keyword Research tab and the Listing Optimization tab. This guide will cover how to use the Keyword Research tool from Listing Optimization. When you click on Add from the ASIN detail page you will be led to our internal keyword database where you can research new keywords.

In the database, you can search by the keyword that best represents your product, and Sellics will suggest related keywords ranking them by search volume. This data is updated monthly and, in addition, Sellics will provide the number of impressions that each keyword accumulates every month. Please, do not forget to select the right Amazon marketplace to access relevant search volume data.

Another tool for Keyword Research is the Reverse ASIN Lookup. By inserting your ASIN number, Sellics will provide a list of search-terms, with accurate monthly impressions statistics, that are used by Amazon customers to get to you product. This functionality will allow you to look behind the scenes of you Amazon listings, build better content, and create improved advertising search-terms lists.

Please note that you can quickly add all the keywords to your backend terms by clicking on the '+' sign, and then on Generate terms. However, only keywords that are not duplicates will be added (highlighted in yellow). You also have the option to manually add them in the desired product listing fields.

Otherwise, you may simply click on the Keyword Research tab in Content & SEO and start the same process.

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