In the Organic Ranking tab, you will find the average ranking of your products based on a certain date range that you can specify on the top right corner. Note that Organic Ranking is only available for products with keywords. To start tracking products without keywords, click on Without Keywords button and start adding keywords to each ASIN.

For products with an uploaded keyword list, you can access their average ranking (an average of all the rankings of all the keywords tracked). Clicking on the ASIN, you will have a detailed view of how the product ranks for each keyword in the list. On the detail page, you will see a graph of the ranking of your products by keywords over time.

For more details on how the ranking of each keyword is counted, visit How often are rankings of keywords updated in Organic Ranking?

Things to keep in mind:

1) Sellics tracks your organic ranking once a day for every keyword added. Therefore, an additional data point will be added to your ranking history every day.

2) If the rank appears blank, your product is ranked past the 10th page on Amazon. Sellics does not track organic rankings beyond the 10th page.

You can also add keywords to compare on the graph by clicking on 'Add Comparison', which will lead you to the table below. To add keywords to track, click on the square box in front of each keyword. You should see a new line appear on the graph if that keyword does generate ranking.

Please note that the tracking of your keyword rank will only start after you have added the keywords to your keyword list. The data will be loaded within 24 hrs, and it will be updated daily. Please note that Sellics tracks positions only up to the 150th. If your keyword rank is below this position, we will not be able to track it.

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