Pausing Ads for different Days / Times

The Sellics Ad Scheduling feature enables sellers to automatically pause ad groups during selected times.

Among other use cases, this can help sellers to

  1. focus their budgets on times that work best for the respective products

  2. avoid morning hours in order to only try outbidding sellers that still have budget left in the later stages of the day. Typically that means far fewer sellers, leading to lower bid auctions. And

  3. avoid click-fraud from other sellers during your night time

How to get started:

1. PPC Optimize > Select Campaign(s) > Actions

Within the PPC Optimize feature, select one or multiple campaigns on the left, click on Ad Scheduling and then Enable:

Technical info: the feature itself is only available in the Campaigns table, but the actual pausing/activation occurs on adgroup level. It is not possible to only schedule certain adgroups within a campaign.

Important: The ad groups must be enabled by the time Ad Scheduling is activated! When the ad groups are paused during the assignment, Ad Scheduling will not trigger!

2. Select Specifc Time Slots for each Day

In the next step you can decide when you want the selected campaigns to be paused or active. In this example, the campaign is active at all times, except on saturday mornings:

Click on "add more" on the left to split the days into more parts. You can click into the hour field to split the day as you like.

Timezone of Respective Marketplace

The time selection is based on the respective marketplace's timezone. For US that's Seattle time UTC-8.

Bulk Editing Days / Hours Toggles

You can bulk edit your selection for spefic hours or days as shown here:

In the end the toggle color within the "All Days" or "Full day" collumn have no effect though, they are merely a quick way to edit the actual toggles.

Recommendation: Check Conversion Rates for specific Days & Testing

It is difficult to provide any general advice, as performances will differ across all product categories. We can therefore only recommend to

a), check your Business reports data and see if the conversion rate differs strongly for specific days during the week and

b) test your products' PPC performances during different days / hours of the day:

Testing Performances for Different Days

This can be done by, for example, copying the adgroup/keywords from a campaign to a new one. Then you can, for instance, let one campaign run on the weekend only and the other during workdays.

After a few weeks, you can check which one has the better conversion rate and reduce/focus your marketing budget on these days.

Testing Performances for Different Hours of the Day

This is more difficult as Amazon does not provide any PPC performance data on an hourly basis.

Therefore, the only way hourly based performance can be tested in Seller Central is by creating a new campaign and setting the starting and end time for a specific day.

Additionally, you can of course use Sellics' ad scheduling to have certain (copied) campaigns only run during certain hours and then check the performances a few weeks later.

One thing you'll probably want to test is if the performance differs strongly during and outside of work hours, as well as your performance during the night (where noctural competitors may be clicking freely on your ads).

Automation Rules independent of Ad Scheduling

The automation rules will not be affected by campaigns being paused.

They will continue to look at the performance of the respective timeframe and check if any conditions are met.

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