The Monitored, In progress & Accepted sections are workflow buckets where ASINs go upon taking action (i.e. Accept Sellics content, or Accept Amazon content) The only way for ASINs to progress through the buckets is via a user/you going through the action of reviewing and accepting the changes in the Actions tab and saving.

  • Monitored: Only ASINs with noted variances in Sellics content vs. Amazon content show here (not your entire product catalog). Therefore, you can immediately see if you have content that is different on Amazon.

  • In-progress: ASINs which were in the Monitored bucket previously and had the Sellics content accepted, but are waiting for the changes to be implemented on Amazon.

  • Accepted: ASINs which have been reviewed and aligned with Amazon content, by 2 ways:

  1. Amazon changes indicated in the Content Monitoring were accepted.

  2. A change extract file reflecting new content from Sellics was uploaded and accepted by Amazon.

Please note that you can also accept or reject changes in bulk. If you decide to make changes in bulk, you can select the corresponding products on the left hand side, and then you click on keep Sellics content or Amazon’s content.

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