In Sponsored Brands Automation, Sellics has already created the three best practice rule sets for you, namely:

  • Awareness Maximization

  • Sales Maximization

  • Sales Efficiency

To learn more about why we recommend them, visit Sellics Recommended Rule Sets for Different Advertising Strategies.

If you would like to create new and customized rule set(s) for your own needs, you can do that too! To create new rule sets in Sponsored Brands Automation, please take the following steps:

1. Click on Create rule set on the top right corner.

2. Here you will have three fields:

(1) Name: Type in the box a name that would help you and your team understand the objective of the rule set.

(2) Sales Attribution: Choose/Type in a value between 1 and 14. To understand more about the mechanism and importance of Sales Attribution, visit How are sales attributed differently in Sponsored Brands?

(3) Rules: Now we will take a closer look at rules and how to set up the logic for the rules. As default, when you create a new rule set, there will be a sample rule created for you. You can make modifications to this rule to suit your needs, or click Add rule to create a new rule.

For these rules, you can set up the following factors:

  • Metric/KPI 1 (Conditional metrics/KPIs): ACoS, clicks, CPC, CR, CTR, impressions, orders, revenue, spend.

  • Condition: equal to, greater than, lower than, greater or equal to, lower or equal to.

  • Metric/KPI 2 (Conditional metrics/KPIs): clicks, days, impressions, orders, revenue, spend.

  • Operation: decrease target bid, increase target bid

  • Unit: percentage, currency unit of the marketplace (e.g. EUR for Germany, Italy, etc., GBP for UK, USD for US, etc.)

You can add as many rules as you wish by clicking on Add rule. If you no longer want a rule, click on Delete Rule right under that button. Once the rule set is set up, you can start adding campaign(s)/ad group(s) to the rule set. For further instruction, visit How does Sponsored Brands Automation work?

For complete guide, please visit The Guide to Sponsored Brands Advertising in Sellics.

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