How to Enable / Disable Rules

In Sponsored Brands Automation, there can be several rules within one rule sets. If you want to pause some of those rules when running automation, please click on the # rules (# is the number of rules you set up in that particular rule set) button on the top left of the rule set box. Then you will have the option to click on the ON/OFF button in front of each rule to pause or resume any rule(s) you want.

What if I only want to disable the rule(s) for some of the ad groups/campaigns in that particular rule set?

In the case that you:

  1. have several rules and campaigns in one particular rule set; AND

  2. only want to pause some rules for some campaigns and not others.

We recommend that you duplicate the rule set by clicking on the box with a colon and choose Duplicate Rule Set. Once you have this duplicated rule set, you can disable the rule(s) and move the campaign(s) you want to the new rule set by selecting the campaigns and click Move # campaigns.

I have duplicated a rule set but nothing happened. What do I do?

Not to worry! Once this confirmation box has popped up, your rule set has been duplicated. It just has not been updated yet. All you need to do is to refresh your browser, and you should see your new duplicated rule set!

For complete guide, please visit The Guide to Sponsored Brands Advertising in Sellics.

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