In Sponsored Brands Automation, Sellics has already created the three best practice rule sets for you, namely:

  • Awareness Maximization

  • Sales Maximization

  • Sales Efficiency

On a high-level, these three rule sets is similar to three stages of a lifetime of an Amazon business, as your priority changes over time.

In particular, when you first start selling and launch a campaign, i.e. during the first two months or so, you usually care more about increasing impressions rather than ACoS. In other words, your priority would be to make consumers know of your brand and products. As a result, you might accept high ACoS as a trade-off for high impressions. This stage is represented by the Awareness Maximization rule set. Notice that there are 3 small rules in the rule set:

  • Increase Bid If ACoS Too Low; & Decrease Bid If ACoS Too High;

  • Increase Bid If Too Few Impressions.

You will see that the ACoS rules are rather lenient, as your goal is to get as many impression as possible over time: The more impressions, the more clicks on your products, the more orders you will receive.

The second stage is Sales Maximization. This is like a transition stage, as you still care mainly about impressions but also try to narrow ACoS to closer to your Target ACoS. For this rule set, the 2 rules of ACoS are a bit stricter as you should be trying to get your ACoS into the range of your Target ACoS.

Finally, you reach the Sales Efficiency stage when the Impression rule disappears from the rule set. The rationale is that after a period of time, you have collected the number of impressions you need and now you start to care about ACoS rather than impressions. In other words, your priority is switched to approaching your Target ACoS.

So, what are Sellics recommendations?

We recommend that, assuming that your campaigns have already been running for a while to collect impressions and you are only now starting to enable automation, you should go ahead and start using the Sales Efficiency rule set!

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